Sunday, January 22, 2012

{jungle} bells

{jungle} bells
Today Ryan and I are hanging out at home, watching football.....and I am playing catch-up with my digital layouts. I used the Jessica Sprague Photoshop Friday template from 1.13.12 for the layout above.  It's a wonderful memory of an evening with Nely at the San Diego Zoo for their Jungle Bells (using a blurry pic I took of Nely walking in front of the camera).  The background paper is Ali Edwards For The Love Of Chevron Light Purple, and the textured white paper is Liv E Designs Sun Fun Sidewalk Chalk.  The font is Bebas.  Here's the journaling:

Jungle Bells with Nely tonight!  The lights and ambiance were magical.....

It was an exciting one point a lion was pounced on by a lioness, crashing in the fence in front of us making our hearts race!!!

Nely also giggled while telling me about some of her favorite animals.  Pegasus.  Unicorns.  Octopus.  Hippos <3

Till next time!  Enjoy your week ;D Carrie

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  1. pretty pretty layout! Enjoy your catch up day today!!!