Monday, February 20, 2012

{my} heart

{my} heart I am a little behind on my layouts, so I'm skipping week 6 (still working on it and will share soon) and this is week 7.  I used the newest Jessica Sprague PhotoShop Friday template, with extra digital elements from Kitschy Digitals, and the photo frame by House of Three (no longer in business).  Fonts are Dali and Cooper Std.  Here's the journaling:

Such a simple photo of my niece (who is too precious for words), while at Port Williams.  She loved running along the beach, splashing in the high tide.....that is, until her feet got wet!  Who knew we would be spending Christmas Eve surrounded in all her giggles, filled with such happiness.....this photo makes me smile.  <3 Carrie


  1. I have to admit, this is my favorite layout yet. Your niece's outfit is just so fabulous - the skirt with the boots - amazing! And I love anything pink and floral, which makes my heart even fonder for this layout :)

  2. ohh I really love the textures and colors in this one!The embroidery piece is awesome!

  3. So beautiful! I love the embroidered rose detail!