Thursday, May 10, 2012

{april 27} week in the life

{april 27} ferry terminal
Friday was all about my trip from Seattle to Sequim to visit my family for the weekend. It was my first time as a walk on passenger all by myself at these particular locations.....super exciting!

{april 27} Friday

From left to right, top to bottom here are the pics from the collage above (you can click on it to view it larger in Flickr):

  •  Just the travel essentials (purse with ferry popcorn, overnight bag with camera, laptop bag with fresh flowers!).
  • View while walking around Port Gamble (an unexpected stop after my mom picked me up from the ferry terminal).
  • Negative space and the colorful twinkle lights I sleep with while at my sister's in Sequim.
  • View from sitting at the front of the ferry (in the distance you can see two people standing outside).
  • My happy face after purchasing popcorn as a travel snack.
  • The reason for our unexpected stop at Port Gamble.....a cute little tea house and bistro (we decided to stop for tea, broccoli cheese soup, and homemade truffles!).
  • She & Hers.  My beautiful mama picked out the Finest Jasmine Pearls tea that tasted AMAZING, and I chose the San Francisco Fruit Blend which was sweet, fresh and tropical!
  • From the ground up, taken on the bench outside the ferry terminal of my purse and the background view.....waiting for my ride.
  • His & Her laptops.  From earlier in the day.  Ryan and my first trip to the Aloha Cafe for work, currently our favorite cafe in the area!
  • Just a fun pic my mama took of me sipping tea : )
  • What's in my overnight bag (a lavender sachet owl, bathroom products, clothes and camera).
  • Pretty pattern.  My sister's sheets I sleep on every time I visit.

And today I leave you with a photo of the cherry blossoms from our stroll around Port Gamble after our tea room venture.  <3 Carrie

{april 27} cherry blossoms

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