Thursday, May 10, 2012

{april 26} week in the life

{april 26} instagrams
Today I am finally getting around to sharing the next day of my *week in the life* photos. You can see my first two days HERE. These pics are from Thursday, April 26th. I used my *5 ideas for week in the life photography* prompts for this day, plus took a couple extra.

What's in my bag today.....

{april 26} what's in my bag
Negative space with pretty blue sky.....

{april 26} negative space
Our first lunch at Dave's Burgers.....

{april 26} lunch
His & her shoes.....

{april 26} his & hers
Pretty pattern on the coffee shop wall.....

{april 26} pretty pattern
From the ground up, taken from the coffee shop table of Ryan working.....

{april 26} from the ground up
Thursday was nice and simple. Woke up to morning rain (hence the hand drawn heart on the window). Work at Cafe Ladro for both of us. I was working on a photobook for a friend, and Ryan at his day job. Our first lunch at Dave's Burgers. A super yummy burger joint with the best butterscotch milkshakes! More work at home, some time outside with the doggies, dinner, a little more work for me, and then bed.  Living in your cousin's garage tends to make your days short and sweet.

I didn't want to fit Friday's photos into this post, so I'll have another with those pics up at noon.  <3 Carrie

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