Wednesday, May 9, 2012

{minibook} all you need is love

*all you need is love* minibook
(You can click on the image above to see it larger in Flickr.)

This is my first 8x12 minibook. I created it last year using the *glitter in the air* scrapbook kit from the Pink Ninjas.....and am just now getting around to sharing it.  The layout for each page is pretty simple.....I used my typewriter to add the text onto scrapbook paper, sewed the strips of text onto a patterned paper, added thickers to begin each of the pages text, layered a felt embellishment on top of it all, lined the right side of the text page with ribbon, and glued the photo page to a thick piece of felt to make each page thick and sturdy.  The front cover is layered with Hambly transparency.  I really wanted the large photos and all the colors to stand out, so the design is a little more simple than my usual style.  I think it works really well for this 8x12 inch size.  Also, the title came from one of the rocks on the front cover photo.  My little sister, brother and I painted rocks one sunny summer afternoon and *all you need is love* ended up on one painted by my sis.  So sweet.  This mini holds many wonderful days worth of happy memories.  <3 Carrie


  1. i LOVE HOW THIS TURNED OUT!! The kitty sticker is my fav ;)

    Steph at MCB

  2. Love this! I bought this kit too i used it for my engagement photo layouts! I really wish they still made pink ninja kits! where did ally and them go? Love this mini and love the interesting size!!!