Wednesday, May 16, 2012

{springtime} note card set

{note card} bluebells
Over the past year I have enjoyed making these sweet little blank note card sets to give away as gifts. I wrap the sets up in vellum and ribbon, sewing a little hole for holding a decorative pen.....part of the fun is finding interesting pens that match the color schemes (plus I love picking out photos from my photo library : )  What do you like to do with your decorative photos?  <3 Carrie

{blank note card sets} {note card} sparkle {note card} blueberry tea | sunshine


  1. This is so cute. I have to admit that I do anything with my decorative photos. I've always written cards but this is really inspiring me. I love how there is a zigzag stitch around the photo. Totally appeals to my aesthetic!

  2. So cute i love these!!! You have so many amazing photos in your gallery!! Where did you get that awesome mushroom pen??


    1. The mushroom pen is from Paper Source......they usually have a pretty fun collection to choose from there.