Tuesday, May 15, 2012

{out} for a walk

{she} smiles
On Mother's Day my baby sister and I went on a little walk, partially for the exercise but also to take a couple photos : ) Here is what we saw.....

{mini} daisies {pink} cherry blossoms {white} cherry blossoms {mountains} in the background {she} is happy {field} of dasies {mountain} view
We arrived home to find that my step dad had made all his girls Mother's Day baskets, because he said we will all one day be mothers. How sweet is that!?!

{mother's day} basket gifts
Our day actually started out with breakfast at my mom's, made for everyone with love by her kids. She said it is her favorite breakfast.....scrambled duck eggs (from Amber's duckies) with cheddar, green onion, tomato, feta and avocado, topped off with mimosas! That transitioned into a barbecue a few hours later where I set up an Ice Tea Lemonade Bar.....

{ice tea} bar
I made passion ice tea with regular lemonade and mint ice tea with raspberry lemonade (the mint is my favorite right now). They were super refreshing on such a warm day. And here are some of the flowers I brought my mama to decorate the bar..... <3 Carrie

{mother's day} flowers


  1. Sounds completely perfect carrie!!!

  2. Replies
    1. Those flower pictures are really pretty! I especially like the second photo. =)