Saturday, May 12, 2012

{thoughts on} week in the life

*my snuggle bear*

(Photo by Ryan of me and my snuggle bear.)

After finishing the process of documenting my *week in the life* I wanted to make a few notes for next time and thought that it might be nice to share them here as well.

I noticed after looking through all my photos that I pretty much rotated between using my DSLR and android camera for each day.  So if I took photos with Clem on Tuesday then Wednesday I would primarily take them with my camera phone.  It took the pressure off of solely using my DSLR and seemed to make the process a bit easier and more fun for me.  I also like the idea of the mixture of these formats together once printed out.

Most of the days I did end up using the 5 photo prompts I came up with for helping with the documentation, and like the comparison between days as well as having a shot to search for instead of only documenting things as they were happening.  It ended up helping me capture things I would normally not think of that I am really happy to have on film.  For example, the twinkle lights I sleep with while at my sister's.  The negative space photo of them is a great happy to have it documented.

I'm also okay with how I didn't stick with any of these ideas above as an absolute formula.  There are some days where I took photos with both cameras, and on Saturday didn't use any of the photo prompts, not to mention I don't have any photos for Monday because I didn't decide to join in on this project till Tuesday, but just went with the flow instead.  Happy I decided to just make it easy and fun.

I haven't decided yet how I am going to put it all together.  I will either do a minibook or add it to Project Life (once I've started).  Hopefully, my scrapbook supplies will be unpacked and have a home before the week is out so I can think about getting started while I'm still excited about the process.  But again, I'm learning to go with the flow when necesary instead of trying to control and plan everything out.

In thinking about next year, I might want to incorporate photos taken by Ryan (probably just using photos he took from his camera phone), and maybe my little sister (she takes a lot of photos with her phone on a regular basis).  I also want to be more organized and keep packets (maybe envelopes) for saving the tidbits of paper and goodies from each day.  Right now they are a big jumbled mess, and it's going to be crazy going through it all ; )

Have a lovely weekend and happy Mother's Day if you're a mama!  Lots of love <3 Carrie

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