Monday, May 14, 2012

{over} the weekend

{walking} to the carnival at sunset
This past weekend really wore me was HOT! (I pretty much passed out once we arrived back home last night : )  The sun was out full force in Sequim, but that didn't keep us from enjoying the blue sky and all the fun activities!  The pic above was taken from my phone while my sister Amber, her friend and I were walking to the Carnival at sunset on Saturday.  That's Amber in silhouette.  It was a cute little carnival to celebrate the Irrigation Festival.

Earlier in the day I had spent time with my dad and Ryan watching the parade, drinking espresso, and then my sister Sarah joined us to peruse the logging show.  I saw more than a few boys in ball caps, neon shirts with jeans, boots and suspenders, driving a flame painted lifted was great!  My favorite was watching them race up and down the super high trees!!!  In the evening, we all had yummy tacos, and Amber her friend and I made pom pom decorations before heading over to the Carnival.....

{weekend} collage
We ended up choosing one ride to go on.....some of the pics above are the faces made before and during a crazy ride named *Vertigo* (think swinging chairs but really high up and fast spinning)!  And it totally gave me vertigo!!!  So awesome!  There was also lots of people watching, and cold icees from the Snack Shack....hmmmm.

Oh, and on Saturday I also found the BEST tasting coconut water!  Hello new obsession.

I ended up taking a few photos with my DSLR on Mother's Day, and the only two Instagrams from that day shown above are of the ice tea and tulips I brought my mama.  I'll share the rest from Clem tomorrow.  <3 Carrie

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  1. A carnival! I remember how much fun I had at carnivals when I was younger. Your pictures bring back those great memories!