Friday, June 22, 2012

{weekend adventure} tiger mountain

{Paragliders} {looking up} {colorful} trail {shaggy} moss {group} pic {summer} grass {reached the top} {tree greenery} {a cool drink} {ryan} watching {puffy} clouds {toy camera} photo
{getting ready} to jump
{in love} {happy ferns} {hike through the forest}
Since the weekend is upon us yet again I thought I'd share photos from one of our past weekend adventures here in Seattle (in case you were looking for something fun in the area). This was Ryan and my first hike since moving here. We had no idea that it would be as amazing (and challenging) as it was. The 2 mile hike up the mountain was up hill (which Ryan and I are generally not a fan of), but beautifully covered in a canopy of bright green trees, surrounded by tall ferns and other woodsy things. There were two areas at the top where we stopped to lounge on the mountain slope and watch the paragliders jump off. Most of the photos of people I either took from the side or behind because I was the slowest up the mountain (I blame the photo taking ;), and once at the top was not a fan of turning my backside toward the open mountain edge. I had never before experienced the constant line of people waiting up to jump off a mountain before. It was crazy cool. And the view. Breathtaking.  We went with Ryan's cousin, his cousin's girlfriend (that's a photo of them hugging), and her good friend.  Such a wonderful afternoon. <3 Carrie


  1. your photos are amazing ♥♥ Do you use any iPhone apps or photoshop actions to edit them?

    1. Hi Alinor! Thank you so much. For the square Instagrams I use a combo of the Instagram filters and Pixlr-o-matic filters. The other pics were taken with my DSLR and I create all my own PhotoShop actions to use with them.

    2. I love those two app together, they make such a great combo! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. so freaking beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow carrie! I love scenic spots like this! makes me want my trip to come that much faster!

  3. I swear that you take the most beautiful photos! I aspire to take get to your level :)

    I too would have taken most of the photos from behind because I would be the slowest one!

  4. Aw, it looks awesome! I love all your pictures!! :) I didn't know you were in Seattle, either - I'm across the border in Vancouver and we're spoiled here with the same lovely green forests and great nice, hey? :)

  5. Ok, I have to admit...I'm a bit jealous! The weather has been awful over here and I would LOVE to spend the day outside for a change!
    Where did the summer go???
    Btw; the Seattle area looks great!

    Have a great sunday :)

  6. Sorry, I am totally going back and stalking some of your posts. =) Heh. These look gorgeous - I'll have to try Tiger Mountain sometime. I've heard of it... but maybe it was a little further of a drive than we had time for? I just got into hiking this year, actually, even though I've been in Seattle for 7 years. I guess I always took the scenery for granted, but it is beautiful!

    If you're looking for another hike - Mt. Si (Little Si) was beautiful. I posted about it:

    Also mostly uphill and about 2 miles. Everything is mountainous here so based on what my friends have told me, that is pretty much the easiest it gets. Another great one is Rattlesnake Ridge (an upcoming post), although I thought the top was a bit precarious, which made me nervous.