Thursday, July 19, 2012

{simply} amazing | the layout

{simply} amazing | the layout
Our little adventure strolling down the Elwha with my Dad for Father's Day was so much fun I decided to create a 12x12 layout using the Instagrams I took while there.  (You can see all the photos I took from that day HERE.)   It's my first scrapbook layout since moving to Seattle, as well as my first one using hexagon photos!

{layered} title {date} stamp {octagon} photos

For this layout I used lots of sewing with hanging thread, popped-up the photos to give more depth, layered thickers with a bit of paper for texture, and used spray paint splatter in the background to help the photos stand out.  I also created the custom hexagon borders in Photoshop for matting the photos.  All in all this was a fun and easy layout that brings back the best memories.....which I now have hanging in my craft room : )

Today I also have my first video tutorial to share with you on how to create an octagon shaped photo using Photoshop.  (I used CS5, but the commands are the same for Elements.)  As always, if you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments.  Enjoy!  <3 Carrie

Turning Photos Into Octagons from Carrie Elias on Vimeo.

P.S. I did use hexagon's in my layout, so if you decided to create hexagons instead of octagons, just change the number of sides to 6 instead of 8 after selecting your polygon tool.


  1. Pixlr-o-matic... I use a lot of those filters & effects too, but never this one. (I'm going to!!)

    I would love to see the tutorial video, but it doesnt work! (on my computer anyway...maybe it's me?)

  2. cute layout, i love all this paint splattered on the layout!
    the video isn't working for me either though :/

    1. Sorry the tutorial wasn't should be fixed now :D

  3. Loved this!!! Thanks so much carrie for showing us this!!! Hexagons are so pretty! Your layout is amazing!

  4. This is so cool! When I saw that first image, it was so neat and professional looking that I thought it was digital. It's even cooler that it it's a physical, not digital, object though! I am a little obsessed with papercrafting. Hope to see more of these on your blog in the future!

  5. Hey! I love this. I really like the hexagon's, something I will definitely have to try in the future. (Kinda sticking to working on my photography lately and less scrapping.) And I love when items are sewing into the paper. It looks so great, what you're done. Brava, Carrie! <3