Saturday, September 29, 2012

{butterflies} all around

On Tuesday my family and I visited the Pacific Science Center here in Seattle. My brother was visiting for Amber's wedding and so we made a special trip to this fun place.  Stopping by the butterfly exhibit was definitely one of the highlights. There were so many flying around you had to be careful where you stepped, plus they kept landing on people. Such a cool place to be.
{owl} butterfly {colorful} {flutter} {taking} photos {a little} orange {the landing} {resting} on the ground {ready} for takeoff
You can click on the image below to see it a little larger in Flickr. There are four butterflies that are the most easily seen.....the rest are a little too far away or out of focus. Enjoy!
{how many do you see}


  1. A really cool place to be! Beautiful pictures! I'd love to take pics of butterflies too (and absolutely will someday)

  2. Oh, Carrie! These are lovely! What a wonderful adventure to be around so many butterflies.

    The second picture is my absolute favorite.

    Thanks for sharing pictures on the blog!

  3. Neat. Really neat! You are always going on some adventure, and not a typical one.

    Although they're completely harmless, I have a feeling that I'd be a little intimidated, almost scared, of all the butterflies around me.

  4. The Pacific Science Center is so much fun! I haven't been there in so long... you're making me want to go visit it again! These are really, really gorgeous butterfly photos. =)