Sunday, October 28, 2012

{how to} stamping | printing on vellum

{stamping | printing} on vellum tutorial
{2012} WITL April 24

Happy Sunday lovely peoples! When I was designing my Elias Week In The Life Minibook, I wanted to add both stamping and printing on vellum. This presented a problem since vellum is very water I decided to look it up, and here is what I learned.
(Both the index tab inserts above are stamped on vellum.)
Supplies for stamping on vellum:
  • Heating tool
  • Vellum
  • Ink pad
  • Stamp

{stamping} on vellum | supplies

Step 1 >>> Add ink to your stamp.

{stamping} on vellum | inked up

Step 2 >>> Stamp onto vellum.

{stamping} on vellum

Step 3 >>> Use your heating tool to dry the ink.  You will probably notice that the ink color will lighten slightly once it is dry.  All done!

{stamping} on vellum | add heat

Now you can trim your vellum and add it to your project.

{stamping} on vellum | index tab

Below is the Arrows Transparency that I printed onto inkjet transparency film with my printer and used to make my Handmade Page Protector.  I samped the *I love this* onto gold vellum to insert into the index tab attached.

And here is the example of my Handmade Page Protector which you will learn to make in my 10 page PDF. Anyone who purchases a product from my Blume and Grow Market will also get said tuturial as a bonus :D

{finished} page protector with stamped index tag

OK, now for printing on vellum.  It is the same idea.  Basically just use your heating tool to dry the ink once you've run your vellum through your printer or typewriter, etc....  I wanted to learn how to print on vellum so I could add the journaling for my  Elias Week In The Life Minibook.  And here's an example of how it turned out.  You can see the rest of my minibook pages here and here.  Have fun with this new technique!

{2012} WITL Pgs 13&14


  1. These are gorgeous effects :) I love the subtlety of vellum! (I also totally adore that stamp you used...)

  2. Very cool - I was wondering about this as I love vellum too but always found it hard to stamp/write on. Thanks for sharing this!

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