Monday, February 3, 2014

{prompt 3} choose a quote

We are really enjoying February so far this month over here in Seattle (Yay Hawks!).....and the next prompt to help celebrate this love month is....

Prompt 3:  Choose a quote to reflect your goal driven word for the year.  I personally chose the word STRONG as my word, and you can read more about it HERE, and also about my participation in the online One Little Word workshop I'm enjoying with teacher Ali Edwards HERE.  If you don't have a word that represents your focus for the year, then feel free to just choose a quote that means a lot to you right now, or something that the feels inspiring.  Today's prompt is reflective and is a step towards thinking about this year in a loving way, and tomorrow we will do doing something crafty with it.  Also, if you decide to play along, make sure to use the hashtag #foxy14 on Twitter or Instagram so we can see too!  Happy Monday to you!!  XO

This is prompt 3 of 14, and you can see prompt 1 HERE.
And prompt 2 HERE.

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