Monday, May 5, 2014

{two girls and a kit} may recipe and scrapbook kit

First off, I'm so excited to finally share our Two Girls and a Kit May Recipe Card! The specifics above are just Amanda and my recommended recipe.....please feel free to alter the amounts of each to suit your way of scrapbooking best.  For example, I really like to layer lots of paper, so having 20 patterned papers makes sense to me so I have enough to scrapbook a few projects throughout the month.  If you don't have as much available to you, or you tend to not use much of a variety per project, you may want to choose less.  The basic idea is to either help rein you in from picking out too much or too little product in putting together your very own custom kits.  Just make sure you have close to enough to last you throughout the month.

Here's a video of me going over the recipe before I share the scrapbook kit I made from it:

Also, I've been so busy preparing for my sister's baby shower and other home stuff that I forgot to take photos of my kit.  I promise I'll share individual pics of it later this week, so for now here's a video sharing all the pieces and detials of my custom scrapbook kit:

You'll notice I used quite a bit of the Glitz Design 77 and Carpe Diem Collections in my kit.  I am really looking forward to using this beautiful product and love how perfectly the colors go with this month's moodboard!  A BIG thank you to Glitz Design for sending us these treasures!!

Two Girls and a Kit Links:
Amanda and I would LOVE to see your very own custom kits, so make sure to comment with a link to your kit so we can take a peek!  XO


  1. Going on a crop Friday so I will be putting together my kit for that evening! I love this idea you two came up with!

  2. Fabulous!!!! I cannot wait to play along, and put my own kit together!!!!