Thursday, November 4, 2010

Candy Cane Dreams

*Candy Cane Dreams*

It is so nice to have my first Christmas project out of the way.  Now it feels like I can breath and move on.....and hopefully I'm over the hump of not finding time to make Christmas presents.  Anyone else feel like you have these awesome plans, but find it difficult to make the time???

Candy Cane Wreath Close

I made this Candy Cane Dreams wreath as a thank you gift for a friend.  She loves to decorate her home for all the holidays, so hopefully she'll find a good spot for it this Christmas.  It's about 8 inches in diameter, so a little smaller than the Fall Flutters wreath, but just as much fun to make.  All that lovely yarn.  It makes me swoon!  

I think for my next holiday project I'll design some Christmas cards, and get that out of the way.....but possibly at the same time make a birthday present that will probably be late if I don't start it soon.

Maybe November and December are good months for list making.  Normally, I don't make lists (except for grocery lists on my phone), but I can already tell November is going to be crazy.....And Ryan and I had decided a few days ago that we should make a list of fun holiday stuff to do in December.  It looks as though we will be staying in San Diego for Christmas, so we wanted to take advantage of the festivities here, and also help keep me from getting too homesick for my family in WA : )  Anyone have a recommendation or two???  There has to be stuff out there that I don't know about.....if you have any ideas for me, thanks a bunch!

Have a lovely day,
<3 Carrie

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  1. Oh, cute wreath!! :) Your blog is lovely, too! I feel you on the lists - fall has me making a million of them, too...I made my list of presents-I-want-to-make and it's daunting - not enough time, for sure!! Kudos on starting Christmas right now!! :)