Saturday, March 12, 2011

Your appointment with Friday

Wow!  Did this week fly by fast or what?!?  I have happily been busy preparing for my visit to Washington next week, where I get to spend a whole three weeks with my family : )  And guess what?  Today I am super excited because my sister Amber is joining us for this weeks photo prompt!!!  Here it is along with her adorable photos all the way from the Evergreen State.....

4 Days In a Row

picture one is monday-beginning of the week which means i wanna be wearing comfy shoes.  vans are tuesday when i went to volunteer at the library.  wednesday are my earth brand shoes which i got at goodwill for 7 bucks and they're 150 dolla shoes!  yeah!  wore em to the bakery.  the bogs are thursdays shoes for cleaning ponds to keep my feet nice and dry!

What a cute little peek into her world, huh?!?  Here are my photos from earlier this week.....

*Day 1* Monday

I couldn't decide on just one thing to photograph for 4 days in a row, so I ended up doing a self portrait, taking a pic of what was covering my legs, and photographing the same patch of flowers.

Day 1 it was cloudy, cool and overcast.  I wore my warm beannie and tights with a dress.  (A little known fact about me is that when it rains here in San Diego you will almost always find me in a dress.  Just for fun.)  And you can see that some of the flowers were either partially or mostly closed.

Day 2 was warm, so I sported one of my favorite tee shirts and some comfy jeans.  The flowers were all open soaking up the sun.

*Day 2* Tuesday

Day 3 another typical sunny day, and I decided to wear a bow in my hair.  As you can see I have my same boots on.....they're new and so I've been trying to find cute outfits to wear with them.  The moss below my feet got a little thicker, and some of the flowers started to loose their petals along with new ones that began to blossom.

*Day 3* Wednesday

Day 4 was hot, so I took shelter in the shade of a tree for my self portrait.  I wore a lacy dress and some textured tights.  The moss was thicker and more yellow, and the flowers looked pretty much the same to me as the day before, so I kinda shot through them so I could get a better feel of all the layers.

*Day 4* Thursday

Remembering my 4 days like this is really special.  It's different than chronicling your days.  It's seeing how one thing changes over time or from day to day.  What adds variety to your days?

Love, Carrie and Amber


  1. gorgeous! i too love to wear dresses during times when no one expects me to. living in mn, it's pretty cold, but you can find me in a dress most days.

    love all your photography!! i just got a new zoom lens and am so excited to try it out!!

    have a great weekend love!

  2. Great ob on the photography..I oved seeing what your sisters week was like and I really enjoyed looking at the 4 day week you presented great photography prompt....I will trey to do it too...from work.. G