Friday, April 29, 2011

Your appointment with Friday

Happy Weekend everyone!!!  Since Springtime can be light and airy with kind of a dreamy feel, I thought that this would be fun for our next photo prompt:

Photo in a Daydream

This photo was taken on a lovely afternoon in March on a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  I blogged about it on my personal blog (Blume & Grow) while I was in Washington, and have been daydreaming about that afternoon ever since.  To me this photo has the feel of a daydream.....the subject is out of focus, and the depth of field is very limited, leaving the photo to capture a memory that is light and happy and soft with a bit of movement.....almost like the subjects are going to come to life at any moment because they are in a haze and you want to see what they do next.

When you go to take your photo try to get the subject slightly out of focus in it's surroundings to create a sort of dreamy effect.  I think it will be fun to try.  Getting the grass in focus for my photo helps you feel how soft and colorful it was to to laying there.  Take what you do get in focus into consideration.  For example, if it's someone standing in a doorway, maybe get behind them in focus so you can imagine where they are coming from and where they might go.  I think it's a different and interesting way to tell a story, and I hope you get a chance to try it out : )

Have fun this weekend!
Love, Carrie

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