Friday, October 21, 2011

Your Appointment with Friday

Happy Friday everyone!  This weeks photo prompt is to.....

Take a photo with a pumpkin

*take a photo with a pumpkin**pumpkins!**our choices**pumpkin patch*

For this prompt you can use your tripod, have someone else take the photo, or whatever else you think sounds the photo I took of Ryan and my feet with our pumpkin choices in between : ) 

Ryan was sweet enough to happily take these photos of me while we were at the pumpkin patch by our house a couple evenings ago.  And he even let me take a couple pics of him with the green pumpkin (which I'll share on my Blume and Grow blog in a few days).  The ambiance was pretty cool since it was starting to get dark in this place filled with all these bright orange pumpkins, hanging lights, and the typical kiddie rides.

Enjoy your pumpkin time this week!
Love, Carrie


  1. so so fun!!!!!!! I wish we had time for that.... too much wedding stuff lol!

  2. i love the baby pumpkins & the bouncy slide in the background! looks like a bunch of fun!