Monday, September 15, 2014

{these days} turning 36

The first half of this month has flown by faster than any other this year for me. We celebrated my birthday which I always love. Although, when I was a kid I remember my mom being in her mid-thirties and she seemed so grown up. I had a picture of what it must be like in my head which is totally different than my reality today. Not good or bad, just different. I still feel like such a kid in a lot of ways (which I get from my Grandpa), but in general have really enjoyed most all of what comes with the ageing process. Truly.

Another highlight was when Ryan and I got to see baby girl for her second trimester ultrasound. Every time I get a glimpse of her my heart skips a beat. I'm amazed at how fast she is growing, and those profile pics the stenographer gives me always makes me giddy!

I've also been able to spend lots of quality time with my mom. She visited me two weeks in a row which is quite special in my book. The first week we went to the theater to watch 100 Foot Journey and then ate Indian food after....yummmmmm!!!  There was also candle shopping, which means my house smells like fall. It's wonderful! 

The second week she and my sisters all surprised me with a visit for my birthday! I was in heaven!! We went to the farmer's market for crepes (gluten free for me), and I picked out a huge bouquet of flowers. I now officially think black eyed susans are my favorite fall flower and will be sad when the farmers market ends.  They also spoiled me with a big gluten free cake from my favorite bakery which we ate in no time.  So many wonderful memories already this month.  XO


  1. Happy Birthday! I had my first baby at 35 and my second at 39. I was always one of the "older" mother's at their school. Now that they are teenagers, (and I'm in my 50's) it's helping me stay young and "hip" LOL congrats!!